Hungry Shark Evolution

Hungry Shark Evolution

  • Updated
  • Version8.8.6
  • RequirementsAndroid 4.4
  • GenreArcade
  • Google PlayOpen

Hungry Shark Evolution is a bloodthirsty arcade game where you have to play as the most dangerous predator of the ocean depths – a shark. At the very beginning of an exciting adventure, your heroine is a small and inexperienced shark, but already toothy and very hungry. Direct it towards schools of small fish and other small marine life to feed and make them grow.

Cutting through the water at a depth, the future killer will have to learn to hunt more nourishing marine life: large fish, seals and fur seals, crabs and lobsters. Avoid poisonous jellyfish and spiked fish, they can sting very painfully, which reduces the life of the shark. Well, in order to recuperate, she will have to eat in even larger quantities.

The main feature of the game Hungry Shark Evolution for Android is bloody attacks on people. These are harmless tourists walking or sunbathing on the beach, divers in heavy spacesuits, and fishermen on boats. But devouring everything around is not the main goal of the arcade. You will find many interesting and exciting missions and tasks, completing which, your heroine will earn experience, coins, crystals, bonuses and random prizes. And the most enjoyable of the prizes is, perhaps, the opportunity to search for sunken treasure chests at the bottom of the ocean. Be careful and avoid the larger members of your species scouring the bottom. They can easily swallow you.

The special effects and high-quality 3D graphics of the Hungry Shark Evolution game are stunning and captivating with their entertainment. Speed, a lot of blood, merciless devouring of all living things – everything is drawn in quite detail. The controls are simple and straightforward: choose the desired direction and point it to the predator by touching the screen of your mobile device. At this point, a joystick and a manipulator will appear to activate the acceleration mode.

In the upper left corner during the passage of the mission, the amount of experience earned is displayed – points, and the time remaining to complete. On the right are the scales of health and satiety, as well as coins and crystals collected throughout the game. Once in the “data” submenu, you can see all your achievements, the number of eaten creatures, a detailed description of the missions, the world rating of players.

Swimming in the vast ocean expanses and growing, the predator becomes stronger and more agile, constantly evolving into new species. There are eight main species: reef shark, mako shark, hammerhead shark, tiger shark, white, megalodon, dunkleosteus and mosasaurus. And also the developers of the game Hungry Shark Evolution, inspired by films about toothy monsters, myths and stories, added unique sharks – ice, electric, robot. What else their imagination is capable of, we will see in future updates.

In addition to development, the beast can be “upgraded” by buying various accessories in the store for the accumulated game coins or crystals. The most interesting of which are: laser, turbo backpack, skateboard, body armor, eye patch, mustache, monocle, necklace, bone piercing. Also in the store, you can buy mission cards, treasure cards and special bonuses that allow the shark to increase the speed or bite force.

The exciting arcade game Hungry Shark Evolution can be played with friends by connecting the Facebook page. Gameplay synchronization is automatic if your device is connected to the Internet. When there is no access to the cloud storage, the progress will be saved in the device’s memory. A dynamic project will definitely not let you get bored, because the creative development team constantly replenishes the store with original decorations, add new tasks and missions, and come up with interesting types of toothy hunters. You can download the game Hungry Shark Evolution for Android using the active link below.

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