• Updated
  • Version1.15.1
  • RequirementsAndroid 4.4
  • GenrePuzzle
  • Google PlayOpen

Minesweeper is the mobile version of the classic puzzle game well known to computer users. The game trains mindfulness, logic and strategic thinking. The project is suitable for all age groups and will allow you to while away your free time. After launching the game Minesweeper on the android, the participant will see the playing field, consisting of closed gray cells. He should mark the boxes containing mines. To open the cage, just click on it. She can hide:

  • A mine that will immediately explode.
  • A number showing the number of neighboring cells mined.
  • An empty square adjacent to free cells. When pressed, they will automatically open.

It is important that the first move is always safe, the sapper will not be blown up right away. This allows you to start the Minesweeper game by clicking anywhere in the minefield. At this moment, the system automatically selects the layout. Sometimes the gamer gets lucky. He falls on an empty square, and a rather large section of the field opens up. There will be numbers on the outer cells. They will help determine where the mines are hidden. In the process of passing such successful positions, there are several.

All Minesweeper gameplay is based on logic. The user needs to figure out where the mine is hiding. Such a box should be marked with a red flag icon representing a hazard. When a number is exactly hidden under the cell, it must be opened. If in doubt, you need to put a question mark. In this case, the cage is not opened. Then the cell will still have to be opened or marked with a red flag.

As you progress through the game Minesweeper, the participant will develop his own calculation tactics. But there are also classic positions. When there is one on the cell, and a mine is already marked next to it, you can safely open all neighboring cells. To do this, just click on the square with a number. But another situation is also possible. If the user clicks on a number without checking all adjacent mines, nothing will happen. Cells that can be mined will be highlighted. This is done to prevent the player from accidentally blowing up. You can download the game Minesweeper for Android using the active link below.

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