Motor Depot

Motor Depot

  • Updated
  • Version1.3662
  • RequirementsAndroid 5.1
  • GenreSimulation
  • Google PlayOpen

Motor Depot is a fun and realistic car simulator. The game contains exclusively Soviet-made car brands. Domestic Zhiguli, KAMAZ and PAZ trucks create a unique atmosphere of the past. In addition to nostalgia for the old days, the player has the opportunity, thanks to multiplayer, to complete tasks with friends. Quests are designed in such a way as to eliminate repetition and provide a full variety of interesting and unforgettable adventures.

In the game Motor Depot for Android, the gamer is provided with a special car base, where in the future he can collect a whole collection of cars. You can transport cargo or passengers, and almost all transportation will be associated with various tasks. There are two modes to choose from: single and multiplayer. The quality of the road and the difficulty of driving vary depending on weather conditions, which you can choose from three options: clear day, rain and slush, snowy track. Along with weather conditions, the nature of driving also changes. Rain causes puddles to form and you have to use hydroplaning. On snowy roads, you should be careful when driving through snowdrifts, as there is a high risk of slipping and breakdowns.

Classic single player mode requires special attention. The player gets behind the wheel of a car and finds himself on the high road, where his first adventure awaits him. The task is marked with a green signal, and initially there are not many options to choose from. You will have to gain experience so that the gameplay gradually becomes more complex. The user will have to take the passenger to a given point. The distance is marked with red numbers, and the control depends on the car model, because all cars have different capabilities, from the gearbox to the engine power.

There are over 50 cars in the Motor Depot simulator. These are not only passenger cars, but also buses, milk tankers, trucks for various goods with open and closed bodies, and even bread trucks. All models are as close to reality as possible, the details are worked out as much as possible. This includes the sound of the engine, the noise while driving, and the smallest aesthetic moments in the car’s interior. It is important to drive only according to the rules of the road: take into account the markings, speed limits, and turn on your turn signals in a timely manner. Violation of the rules and each accident lead to the deduction of accumulated points, which are needed to purchase new cars and parts.

The driving view is also chosen by the player. This could be a good third person perspective, or it could be a real situation like in real life. A road map marked with a special icon will help you decide on the route. It shows the location of gas stations, a stop for passengers, a place where goods are loaded, a garage where you can change a car, take an additional order, or teleport to another point. If necessary, the map can be enlarged or reduced.

Features of the game Motor Depot

  • More than 50 cars to choose from.
  • Single mode and multiplayer.
  • Realistic graphics and simple interface.
  • Changes in weather conditions and time of day.
  • Dozens of types of tasks.

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