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Photoshop Camera is a multifunctional application that allows you to edit pictures during and after taking photos. The utility includes many unique professional-grade tools for effective results. They work in automatic and manual mode, which opens up wide perspectives for the user.

Officially developed by Adobe, it combines the functions of Photoshop and the pre-installed Camera mobile app. The utility allows you to create and process photos, achieving stunning quality. For this, special technologies based on artificial intelligence are used.

With their help, you can change the background, insert additional elements and make all kinds of adjustments even before shooting. The program automatically estimates the distance to the object, compensates for possible distortions, and adds a blur effect. The utility recognizes the technical content of the frame and corrects the dynamic range, optimizes the scene illumination, and improves facial features.

Photoshop Camera includes dozens of unique filters and effects that you can apply during and after shooting. All of them are aimed at improving the quality of photographs. The utility corrects lighting, removes perspective distortion. If you don’t like the result, you can cancel the changes. It makes sense to keep the best templates in the smartphone’s memory.

In the interface of Photoshop Camera, the user will find more than a hundred unique filters. They are divided into categories and apply to portrait, night or landscape photography. For example, the function “Highlighting the face” automatically adjusts the lighting, makes the foreground more expressive, removes unnecessary shadows under the eyes. It is possible to process images downloaded from the gallery of a mobile device.

Features of the Photoshop Camera app

  • The ability to edit photos at the time and after the end of the shooting.
  • Lots of professional filters and original effects.
  • Using artificial intelligence to evaluate the image.
  • Fast posting of images to social media.
  • All utility functions are available free of charge.

You can download the Photoshop Camera application for Android using the active link below.

Photoshop Camera
Download Photoshop Camera Photo Filters for android free
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