Rec Room

Rec Room

  • Updated
  • Version20230302
  • RequirementsAndroid 7.1
  • GenreAdventure
  • Google PlayOpen

Rec Room is a unique project that opens up the widest opportunities for creativity and interaction with other users. In the game, the participant is waiting for a huge world with locations that were invented and designed by ordinary players. Characters that have become virtual copies of their creators live there. A gamer can also equip the territory, establish a settlement, and even launch a new game, setting their own rules in it. The developers have adapted the application for VR glasses.

In the game Rec Room, to become part of the community, you need to invent your own character. A variety of clothing and accessories allow you to give it a unique look. It is important that the hero conveys the character and individual traits of the creator. After that, the participant enters a special room, where he sees several dozen doors. Each of them leads to a specific location or launches a mini-game. The project includes shooting games, racing, arcades, cooperative role-playing missions, labyrinths and other genres. Exploring the fascinating virtual world will take a lot of time.

The project has a convenient built-in editor with many tools. With their help, you can design your own rooms and make mini-games that will become part of the general playing space. Each member of the club can communicate with other users in a chat format. This is done through a special form for sending voice and text messages. The community maintains a benevolent and friendly atmosphere in which even beginners feel comfortable. Simple but bright graphics create a pleasant impression.

Features of the game Rec Room

  • The application is displayed correctly in VR glasses and on a regular display.
  • Multifunctional constructor for creating new locations.
  • The ability to make a unique character that looks like yourself.
  • Inexhaustible opportunities for the realization of their ideas.

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