• Updated
  • Version1.17
  • RequirementsAndroid 4.1
  • GenreCard
  • Google PlayOpen

Reigns is a fun card simulator from Devolver Digital that will impress fans of the genre. This is the starter project for a whole series of original games. Participants will love the consistent storyline with an ambiguous ending, addictive gameplay with Hardcore elements, minimalist graphics, user-friendly interface and simple controls. The simulator will appeal to children and adults.

In the game Reigns for android, events take place in a fictional medieval kingdom. The user unexpectedly becomes the ruler of a fictional country. But instead of full power, he gets a lot of problems. His task is to preserve the crown, freedom, life and nationwide love. For this you have to work hard. The game develops logical and strategic thinking, attentiveness, teaches you to make important decisions in difficult situations.

In Reigns, the participant receives the crown, but not all the inhabitants of the kingdom are happy about this. The ancient castle is inhabited by spirits whose opinion no one asked. Holding a mortal grudge, they will build all sorts of intrigues. The king has other ill-wishers as well. To maintain power, it is necessary to control the territory, the army, the standard of living of the population, develop health care and education.

In the process of playing Reigns, the gamer will have to choose the answers to various difficult questions. But there is no right option. What’s good for some, some character will probably not like it. There will always be people in the kingdom who are ready to condemn the decision. This can lead to riots, the overthrow and subsequent execution of the king. Therefore, it is important to maintain a balance and try to take into account the interests of all segments of the population.

To stay in power longer, you need to constantly monitor the values ​​of four indicators. They allow you to determine the mood in the army and among the people, to control the treasury and religion. If one of the indicators deviates from the norm, problems will begin. Dissatisfied citizens will make a revolution, overthrow the king and send him to the chopping block. This will be the end of it, and you will need to start over. You can download the game Reigns for android using the active link below.

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