• Updated
  • Version1.9.6
  • RequirementsAndroid 4.4
  • GenreAdventure
  • Google PlayOpen

Reventure is an interesting and original adventure platform game with puzzle elements. The game takes the participant to a fairy-tale world where their own laws apply. Gamers are waiting for exciting and dangerous adventures, merciless enemies, dynamic battles and caches where treasures and magic items are hidden. The project has a complex plot that develops consistently and leads to an unexpected ending. Developers offer users hundreds of endings, which enhances the realism of the process.

In the game Reventure for Android, an evil sorcerer kidnapped the princess and keeps her somewhere in a mysterious and scary place. The protagonist wants to rescue the royal daughter from captivity and goes in search. But first you need to explore the vast world and find out all its secrets. The princess can wait while the player wanders around the endless map. On the way he will meet many interesting places. He will climb high towers, descend into mysterious dungeons, fight monsters, find treasures and neutralize traps.

As you progress through the character gains new skills and experience. He will learn many secrets, face betrayal, meet friends and secret enemies. Often he will have to make choices and make critical decisions on which the final depends. Unexpected plot twists only increase the interest. From time to time, gamers will come across hints and hidden messages. They must be deciphered in order to get any benefits.

The user himself decides who his character will become. He can choose the role of an adventurer, a knight-errant, a well-aimed archer, an explorer of new territories, an industrious fisherman, or a brave dragon hunter. In the inventory of the hero there are things corresponding to his vocation. And in a spacious location, he can always find additional items. It is especially important to pick up magic rings, runes and developer tips. But you have to be careful! If the backpack is full, the hero will move slowly, will not be able to jump high and dodge attacks.

The project has only one location where the hero travels. The map is huge, not every participant will be able to visit everywhere. Many areas are classified, to gain access you need to take some action. The gameplay so absorbs the attention of users that many forget about saving the princess and are only engaged in exploring the endless world. However, the project is not strictly tied to the mission, you can improvise. You can download the game Reventure for Android using the active link below.

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