SCP - Containment Breach Mobile

SCP Containment Breach Mobile

  • Updated
  • Version1.2.2
  • RequirementsAndroid 4.4
  • GenreHorror
  • Google PlayOpen

SCP Containment Breach Mobile is an exciting and slightly creepy Survival Horror game. The project immerses the participants in a cruel and gloomy world where human life is worthless. The user needs to escape from a secret laboratory where experiments are being carried out on people. Scientists, devoid of conscience and professional ethics, turn them into nightmarish monsters. Creatures taken from the website of the fictional organization The SCP Foundation. The developers perfectly managed to convey the atmosphere of anxiety and fear.

In the game SCP Containment Breach Mobile, events unfold in a fictional world. It is inhabited by incredible creatures that have undergone an inexplicable mutation. They have a different appearance and are endowed with unusual abilities. Monsters are a serious threat. Some of them can destroy the entire planet. To protect normal people, the government captures mutants and places them in a special laboratory. There they are studied and subjected to inhuman experiments. Prisoners serving life sentences are used as consumables. After nightmarish experiments, they lose their former qualities and turn into monsters.

The player will have to control the actions of one of the prisoners. He has fallen into this system and must become a participant in a cruel experience. He was transferred from prison to a laboratory. A mutant was also brought there to be subjected to research. But the creature killed the guards and escaped. The building was in turmoil. Other monsters were able to break through the fences and broke free. The protagonist decided to take advantage of the confusion and escape. Dangerous adventures, many unexpected traps and insidious enemies await him. After all, nightmarish SCP objects announce a real hunt for a person! Moving through an endless labyrinth of rooms and corridors of a huge research complex, he must find a way out in order to leave the building.

Levels are generated automatically, everything is done by artificial intelligence. In each location, the interior of the laboratory changes, the arrangement of rooms and corridors is not repeated. In horror, the user is waiting for an endless maze, where it is very easy to get lost. The character has stamina. Forces must be spent carefully, otherwise the hero will not be able to get out of the gloomy building. While moving, the character must blink periodically. Creepy creatures can only move for short periods of time when the opponent’s eyes are closed. This helps the player to adapt to the movements of the mutants, predict their behavior and not become easy prey for enemies.

Features of the game SCP Containment Breach Mobile

  • Creepy and creepy atmosphere.
  • Interesting and captivating storyline.
  • Dynamic and original gameplay.
  • Many unique characters from SCP.
  • Beautiful graphics with good detail.
  • Well-chosen music, scary sounds.
SCP - Containment Breach Mobile
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