• Updated
  • Version1.0
  • RequirementsAndroid 4.0
  • GenreStrategy
  • Google PlayOpen

Sheltered is an interesting and original strategy that has become one of the best projects of the Team 17 studio. The game throws the player into a dangerous and hostile world where a nuclear war has taken place. The explosions of many warheads turned entire continents into a lifeless desert, almost the entire population died in the first minutes of the disaster. But some people managed to wait out the bombardment in secure underground shelters. Among them was the main character.

He was able to survive the disaster and save his family. But the surface of the planet will emit deadly radiation for a long time to come. Therefore, you need to equip the bunker, turn it into a real cozy home. It is necessary to make a warm toilet, put a shower cabin, equip the kitchen, think over the heating system, connect the plumbing, make primitive but comfortable furniture. This will require building materials, components, tools.

You can get the necessary items only on the surface. Therefore, the gameplay of Sheltered for Android includes dangerous and risky forays into the street. There, the character lies in wait not only for radiation. Gangs of marauders, feral animals and terrible mutants roam the land, with whom you will have to fight. It is necessary to explore the vast locations of a strange and alien world, collect resources, building materials, food supplies, weapons, ammunition, medicines and other useful items.

The game Sheltered has a well-implemented crafting system that allows you to create the right things. For example, a user can create a water canister from a piece of plastic, tape, and rubber. To make a good dressing, it is enough to find nylon tape and wool. Gradually, the gamer will get everything that is required for a normal life. You should also maintain cleanliness and order in all areas of the bunker. After all, unsanitary conditions open the way for infection.

The participant will have to manage several characters – members of the surviving family. All of them have unique characteristics and can perform different jobs. Gradually, you need to pump heroes, improving parameters such as strength, agility, intelligence, charisma and perception. This will increase the chances of people to survive and help them quickly adapt to new conditions. The strategy has an original graphic design, interesting passing mechanics and simple controls. You can download the game Sheltered for Android using the active link below.

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