Slingshot Smash

Slingshot Smash-Shooting Range

  • Updated
  • Version1.5.11
  • RequirementsAndroid 4.4
  • GenreArcade
  • Google PlayOpen

Slingshot Smash is a colorful and funny arcade shooter with addicting game mechanics and realistic physics. In the game, the participant will have to control an unknown shooter from the first person, who remains behind the scenes. Armed with a huge slingshot, he must completely clear all locations from buildings, cars, trees and people. It is generally desirable to create real chaos there, consisting of a jumble of debris, dust and construction debris.

Dozens of original levels await the user in the game Slingshot Smash for android, the difficulty of which is gradually increasing. On the playing field, he will see small huts, apartment buildings, stately castles, high towers and other structures surrounded by fences, stone fences, gardens and urban infrastructure. There are cars in the parking lots, people are walking along the squares. The user’s task is to destroy everything that is in the location.

To do this, he will have different weapons at his disposal: a slingshot, a crossbow, a sling, and even a powerful cannon. But the number of shells is limited, so it is necessary to destroy objects in the minimum number of shots. This will require thoughtful tactics. First, you should shoot at large buildings. When they start to crumble, the debris will overwhelm people and cars. For each successfully completed level, the player receives rewards that will unlock additional weapons.

Features of the game Slingshot Smash

  • Addicting gameplay, many different levels.
  • Simple mechanics, natural physics of destruction.
  • Bright and colorful graphics, nice design.
  • User-friendly interface, convenient control.
  • Well-chosen soundtrack.

You can download the game Slingshot Smash for android using the active link below.

Slingshot Smash
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