Slingshot Stunt Driver & Sport

Slingshot Stunt Driver & Sport

  • Updated
  • Version1.9.14
  • RequirementsAndroid 5.0
  • GenreRacing
  • Google PlayOpen

Slingshot Stunt Driver & Sport is an interesting and unusual casual arcade racing game where a simple but non-standard idea is implemented. In the game, users will appreciate the fun gameplay, high-quality three-dimensional graphics, a huge number of levels and a user-friendly application interface. In races, there are no gambling rivals who accelerate to prohibitive speeds and try to overtake competitors. The car has no driver and no standard controls at all. The participant will have to launch his racing car in an unusual way.

At the start there is a strange device resembling a large slingshot. With its help, you should set the car the desired trajectory and speed. Slingshot Stunt Driver is based on real physics and must be taken into account. Sometimes there is no need to pull the mechanism to the maximum distance, it is enough to give the minimum acceleration. Much also depends on the characteristics of a particular car. All models have different power and speed qualities. Over time, you can upgrade your sports car.

The game Slingshot Stunt Driver includes many locations. Each has a unique design and relief. On the track, the player will encounter various obstacles that can detain a rushing car, damage it or stop it completely. But useful things will come across that will give certain advantages. You also need to collect coins. They can be spent on buying new racing cars or on upgrading existing cars. Bleeding involves increasing engine power and top speed. According to the results of the level, the participant receives a generous reward.

Racing Slingshot Stunt Driver has great graphics with meticulous locations. Physically correct mechanics provide realistic car behavior on the track. Participants will have to overcome many sharp turns, high jumps, abysses and other obstacles. The convenient control system makes it easy to pass all the tests and fly to the finish line. A wonderful racing arcade game stands out from other similar projects and will surely appeal to connoisseurs of the genre. You can download the game Slingshot Stunt Driver for android using the active link below.

Slingshot Stunt Driver & Sport
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