Smash Hit

Smash Hit

  • Updated
  • Version1.4.3
  • RequirementsAndroid 2.3
  • GenreArcade
  • Google PlayOpen

Smash Hit is a bright and original arcade game that takes the user to parallel dimensions. In the game, he will have to explore a beautiful abstract world consisting of complex geometric shapes. On his way there will always be obstacles. To move through the locations, they must be broken, paving the way to the next surreal level. To do this, he needs to throw heavy balls. The project is made in an unusual style. Everything is subject to the laws of real physics and dynamics.

The game Smash Hit for Android opens up an amazing three-dimensional world for the participant. To see all its splendor, you must constantly move forward, breaking the obstacles that appear on the way with special balls. Their set is limited, with each throw the number of shells decreases. To replenish their supply, you should shoot down the crystals. Each successful throw adds 3 balls to the user. This increases his chance of successfully completing the location. But if he does not have time to quickly orient himself and crashes into an obstacle, 10 balls will disappear from him.

To win at Smash Hit, you need great reaction and the ability to calculate the trajectories of throws. Balls fly clearly in accordance with the laws of physics. The accuracy of the hit depends on the strength and location of the push. The player sees all his actions in the first person, which increases the effect of presence. If after passing the location the participant has balls left, they will move to the next level. This will continue until the very end. The first levels are simple, obstacles do not appear very often, the movement speed is low, so the player will probably have shells left. But as you progress, the complexity of the missions increases.

Smash Hit offers original gameplay and an out-of-the-box idea. Gorgeous graphics with excellent detail is amazing. Locations are made in the style of abstractionism, futurism and surrealism. All movements are calculated physically correctly and clearly displayed on the displays. A rather complex, spectacular and beautiful arcade game will appeal to a variety of users.

Features of the game Smash Hit

  • Gorgeous 3D world filled with abstract shapes. More than 50 beautiful levels, each of which includes 11 rooms. There are their own rules, there are original figures, shades, sounds.
  • Well-chosen music that fills the location. For each level, the developers have created an individual audio component. When interacting with objects, each of them sounds in its own way.
  • Incredible realism of the physics of the elements. Balls fly in strict accordance with the principles of dynamics. Fragments of broken objects scatter just like in real life.

You can download the Smash Hit game for Android using the active link below.

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