Choice of Life: Middle Ages

Choice of Life: Middle Ages

  • Updated
  • Version1.0.12
  • RequirementsAndroid 5.1
  • GenreCard
  • Google PlayOpen

Choice of Life: Middle Ages is a fun interactive adventure game set in medieval style. It has an original gameplay that provides participants with complete freedom of choice. The quest takes the user to a huge world to explore. He will be amazed by the unusual and perfectly conveyed atmosphere, flexible plot and variability in the development of events. Any action of the player and the choice made by him radically changes the possible ending.

In the game Choice of Life: Middle Ages for android, the participant himself creates his own character. The basis is an ordinary medieval person. And the gamer forms his biography, life experience, temperament, main character traits, appearance, tastes, preferences and other features. It takes a lot of time to get to know the other characters. Getting into a new situation, the user must make a choice. It can be an order for a drink in a tavern or a serious dilemma on which the further development of the plot depends.

Taking minor and important decisions, the participant determines the fate and lifestyle of the character. He can be made a bandit or an honest merchant, a thief or a craftsman, a brave warrior or a successful politician. Even a simple peasant has a chance to become the head of state. But you have to be careful! Due to the wrong choice, a citizen can be imprisoned or even executed.

Choice of Life: Middle Ages is a card game with a huge number of story options. The project has a simple gameplay. At each level, the user will see a screen where the current situation is described and action cards are displayed. When the choice is made, the situation may change immediately or after some time. Long-term options are especially important. If the hero has spent his life indicators, he dies.

The system prompts you to make a choice almost constantly: during a conversation, eating, shopping, looking for an overnight stay, and relaxing. To get your bearings, you can open an interactive map and assess the situation. Points of interest are displayed there that can suggest the best option. Even a simple farmer is not immune from participating in a secret conspiracy or committing a crime.

Features of the game The Choice of Life: Middle Ages

  • An interesting and intricate plot with a mystical bias.
  • Any action affects the life of the character and the entire kingdom.
  • Many options for the development of events.
  • Beautiful graphics with great detail.
  • Good soundtrack.

You can download the game Choice of Life: Middle Ages for Android using the active link below.

Choice of Life: Middle Ages
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