• Updated
  • Version2.0.1
  • RequirementsAndroid 5.0
  • GenreRole playing
  • Google PlayOpen

FINAL FANTASY IV is the fourth installment in the cult RPG series. The user will meet familiar characters, there will be many dialogues, a long storyline with a variety of champions. The Active Time Battle combat system provides turn-based moves, opening up advantages over dangerous battles. Learn combat spells, skillfully combine skills, get valuable experience for the upcoming battles. Now the fate of all living things depends on your skills.

The game FINAL FANTASY IV for android begins on a fantastic planet, where magic crystals are enclosed in its bowels. With their help, the miner will subjugate all the inhabitants of the fantasy world to his will. One of these turned out to be a wizard named Golbez, who is trying to find witch stones and take possession of the souls of free creatures. However, the dark knight Cecil, who serves the kingdom of Baron, is trying to prevent him. He and his associates go in search of the villain in order to prevent him from destroying human civilization.

The game has a dramatic plot: the champions are connected by bonds of friendship and common goals. Everyone selflessly risks himself for the sake of saving the whole world. Develop skills, distribute combat skills, achieve success in every battle. Some quests must be completed in a deep dungeon, extracting untold riches. In the battle against evil, combine magic spells to save your hero from a sad fate.

The story map gradually reveals new possibilities. A new level, a new challenge opens the door to the unknown. In the process of completing quests, the player receives bonuses and opportunities. The magical and colorful world motivates you to explore unknown territory. Various creatures will become helpers or enemies. This world is full of real mysteries that the main character will have to solve at every turn. The evil intentions of the wizard threaten all living things. Help save the fairy-tale world from the invasion of dark magic power. You can download the game FINAL FANTASY IV for Android using the active link below.

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