• Updated
  • Version1.0.29
  • RequirementsAndroid 4.2
  • GenreRole playing
  • Google PlayOpen

FINAL FANTASY VII is the sequel to the legendary JRPG that conquered a huge number of users. The seventh part of the FINAL FANTASY series has received a number of changes and benefits, which will be discussed in this review. The game has an independent plot with unexpected twists and an unpredictable ending. The addictive gameplay has received minor changes, additional tasks have appeared. The application is perfectly adapted for mobile devices, although there are still some minor flaws. But the updated graphics will not leave indifferent connoisseurs of high-quality modern projects. The game combines 2D images and 3D models for an unusual effect.

In the game FINAL FANTASY VII for android, the participant finds himself in a fictional world that lives by its own laws. The existence of the game universe is supported by special reactors that generate a sufficient amount of energy. They are served and guarded by a powerful corporation. But villains, terrorists and just madmen are trying to disrupt the well-oiled mechanism and destroy the reactors. They managed to blow up one of the installations, which led to disastrous consequences. Darkness has reigned in the world, nightmarish and evil monsters have penetrated there. The main characters try to prevent further sabotage and preserve the remaining mechanisms. They travel to different continents and guard reactors. But their existence is threatened by a meteor, which must be destroyed. This is the only way to save the magical world and make up for the lack of energy.

The FINAL FANTASY VII project has an addictive gameplay that consists of spectacular turn-based battles. The heroes will also have to explore huge locations and interact with other characters. In the seventh part of FINAL FANTASY, the developers have reduced the rescue squad. Now it includes only three brave fighters. The player is watching what is happening from above. Three-dimensional characters move around two-dimensional locations displayed in isometric projection. The updated version has many advantages that fans of the first parts will definitely appreciate. Minor flaws are related to technical flaws, which will soon be eliminated.

Features of the game FINAL FANTASY VII

  • added matter system. The user can enhance the character’s equipment by using a magic ball. Materia allow you to use spells, special commands and quickly develop the hero’s abilities;
  • a desperate attack mode appeared. If the damage scale reaches a critical value, you can use a special skill;
  • now there are additional bosses in the game. Their appearance does not affect the development of the plot, but they make the battles more spectacular;
  • fascinating plot and gameplay, 9 new heroes have been added;
  • improved graphics, music and soundtrack;
  • you can turn off battles and quickly go through the whole story;
  • the project is optimized for the touch display;
  • the ability to connect a game console.

The FINAL FANTASY VII application has a high-quality Russian translation. The gameplay is immersive and does not let you get off the display. The seventh part of the cult game will appeal to all lovers of high-quality JRPGs and will help you to spend your free time interestingly. You can download the game FINAL FANTASY VII for android using the active link below.

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