Trials of Heroes: Idle RPG

Trials of Heroes: Idle RPG

  • Updated
  • Version2.6.16
  • RequirementsAndroid 4.1
  • GenreRole playing
  • Google PlayOpen

Trials of Heroes: Idle RPG is an addicting strategy game with RPG elements where you have to perform simple actions and watch the process. The game takes the user to a magnificent fantasy world where epic heroes are fighting. The project has simple gameplay, beautiful graphics with cool special effects, realistic mechanics and well-chosen soundtrack. The multilevel improvement system makes it easy to outperform other participants.

When you first start the game Trials of Heroes: Idle RPG for android, it is suggested to go through a little tutorial. The player will learn the main features of the project, understand the principles of pumping. On the display, the gamer will see a large map with different locations. First, he should go to the Summoning Hall to summon his hero. This will require a scroll or crystal. Then the character is transferred to the Battle Hall, where he immediately enters the battle. The battle is spectacular and takes place automatically. The user can only watch how the heroes fight.

During the battle, the gamer receives experience points and coins. You can see how they accumulate in the upper right part of the display. Every 10 hours, the participant must start the Trials of Heroes game and collect the rewards, otherwise they will be reset to zero. Experience is needed to move to the next level. Gradually, additional locations become available to the user. After reaching level 21, he can join the guild. At the top left is an icon that allows you to go to your personal profile. There you can link accounts of popular social networks.

The Trials of Heroes profile contains settings for musical accompaniment, sounds, language. If you wish, you can choose another game server and read the news of the project. Shards accumulate next to the profile icon. They should be collected every 10 minutes. They allow you to summon heroes. From the main menu, the gamer can go to the Forge or the Market. Character improvement takes place in the Altar location. If you need to mix several fighters, you should go to the Portal of Heroes. It is allowed to combine 5 creatures, and there are more than a hundred of them.

In Trials of Heroes, special icons are displayed on the right. The Missions section lists the current tasks. “Raids” provide an opportunity to take part in multiplayer campaigns and battles. In “Achievements” all the successful actions of the gamer and the awards received for them are published. The “Backpack” contains the available inventory. The “Heroes” section allows you to view the list of summoned characters. On the left are icons that provide interaction with other participants. There is a chat, personal correspondence, system messages.

Features of the game Trials of Heroes: Idle RPG

  • more than 100 unique characters with the ability to combine;
  • epic and spectacular battles in automatic mode;
  • multilevel improvement system, valuable rewards;
  • the application works without an internet connection;
  • beautiful graphics with complex special effects.

The Trials of Heroes project is suitable for all lovers of cool RPGs who do not require active action from the participants. Users only need to periodically launch the application, collect coins and bonuses, pump characters. You can download the game Trials of Heroes: Idle RPG for Android using the active link below.

Trials of Heroes: Idle RPG
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