Frostborn: Action RPG

  • Updated
  • Version1.15.56.31251
  • RequirementsAndroid 5.0
  • GenreRole playing
  • Google PlayOpen

Frostborn is an interesting and addictive adventure game with RPG elements, built on Scandinavian myths. It immerses the user in a peculiar and cruel world that lives by its own laws. You can’t just be an observer there. It is necessary to put on armor and turn into a strong, brave and successful warrior, capable of defeating the fiends of darkness.

In the game Frostborn for Android, while traveling through the Scandinavian lands, the participant will see beautiful landscapes, high mountains, clear lakes and dense forests. But they are all teeming with dangerous and bloodthirsty creatures that you have to fight. Monsters appeared when the goddess of death decided to take revenge on the supreme god Odin. She opened the gate and released the monsters into the world of the living.

At first, the protagonist has no experience. The young Viking needs to collect resources that will allow him to eat, dress, buy armor and weapons. This is necessary for the successful completion of difficult locations in the Frostborn game, completing all missions, and defeating numerous enemies. Exciting adventures, bloody battles and interesting levels await him. He will be constantly threatened by obvious and hidden dangers. To save resources in such conditions, it is necessary to build a secure base.

He will visit the majestic underground temples of Odin and Thor, pass through the Cursed Thickets. Especially a lot of evil spirits will meet the player near the Sacred Trees. The path to the northern lands is blocked by the Winter Gate. Huge and terrible giants live there, which will be very difficult to defeat. At each level, the user will have to show ingenuity, excellent reaction, dexterity and courage to go further.

Frostborn features beautiful graphics with good texture and character detail. The animation is smooth, all movements are displayed in great detail. Background music allows you to travel to the world of Scandinavian sagas and legends.

Features of the game Frostborn

  • Huge game world to explore.
  • Beautiful and unique locations.
  • Interesting, well-drawn characters.
  • Large selection of armor and weapons.
  • Smart, cunning and dexterous opponents.
  • Opportunity to purchase your own transport.
  • Various game modes.

You can download the Frostborn game for Android using the active link below.

Download Frostborn: Action RPG for android free
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