Grim wanderings 2

Grim wanderings 2

  • Updated
  • Version1.97
  • RequirementsAndroid 6.0
  • GenreRole playing
  • Google PlayOpen

Grim wanderings 2 is an exciting turn-based RPG with strategy elements. The game is a continuation of the legendary project that conquered a huge number of users. The developers did not change its unique atmosphere and mechanics, but added many important improvements. The participant is transferred to a strange fantasy world that lives by its own laws. He will meet different characters and entire races of creatures that fight among themselves. Exciting adventures, bloody battles and unknown dangers await him. To win, you will need perseverance, courage, dexterity and the ability not to get lost in difficult situations.

At the beginning of the game Grim wanderings 2 for android, the user needs to create a hero, choose a race for him and one of 25 classes. The abilities and skills of the character depend on this. The project has a lot of different races, from the familiar elves and orcs to the original lizardmen, ratmen and other creatures. Having decided on the hero, the player needs to explore a large and mysterious world where you can meet interesting mysteries and dangers.

Performing tasks, you should pump your hero, finding and changing weapons, parts of combat equipment. The gamer can even create them himself, but the features of the game mode and the current situation should be taken into account. To increase the game rating and test skills, you need to take part in battles with other players in the arena.

In addition to battles and character leveling, you can build cities, study new technologies and equipment. There is an endless mode where the map will be constantly updated, and there is no storyline. There is also an editor with which you can create your own races and classes, develop tasks with your own storyline. Here everyone can immerse themselves in an exciting and fantastic world.

Features of the game Grim Wanderings 2

  • Addictive and original gameplay.
  • Huge selection of races and classes.
  • Staged and turn-based battles.
  • Great opportunities for pumping the hero.
  • Lots of maps with lots of hiding places and secret places.

You can download the game Grim wanderings 2 for Android using the active link below.

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