• Updated
  • Version2.6.7
  • RequirementsAndroid 4.4
  • GenreRole playing
  • Google PlayOpen

Hoplite is an entertaining strategy game with RPG elements and turn-based gameplay mechanics. The gamer will be in the mysterious locations of the gloomy game world and will try to destroy all enemies. To win, you need to come up with highly effective tactics, calculate the actions of opponents several moves ahead and use cunning deceptive maneuvers.

The game Hoplite consists of many unique levels that are randomly generated. After launching the application, the user will see a small field divided into hexagons. Some cells are filled with lava and should be avoided. Initially, enemy fighters are at the far end of the map, but gradually approach the main character.

The mechanics of the game is extremely simple. Opponents move alternately, always moving to the next cell. If an opponent is nearby, the characters attack. To do this, they use available weapons or special abilities. Each location has an altar that allows you to upgrade the initial characteristics and special skills of your ward.

Gradually, the difficulty of passing increases, new opponents appear on the maps. The random generation of events completely eliminates the possibility of repetition, the participant will have to come up with a new tactic each time. If he makes a mistake, the opponents will quickly get to the protagonist and have time to eliminate him. The outcome of the battle depends on many factors, it is impossible to predict the final.

The strategy uses simplified graphics made in the popular pixel format. Laconic design creates an unusual atmosphere and contributes to a good optimization of the application. You can download the game Hoplite for Android using the active link below.

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