Hustle Castle

Hustle Castle

  • Updated
  • Version1.66.1
  • RequirementsAndroid 4.4
  • GenreRole playing
  • Google PlayOpen

Hustle Castle is a fun RPG with all the best features of a quality strategy game. The project takes the participant to the harsh Middle Ages, where their own laws apply. He will become an influential feudal lord, the owner of his own castle and all the surrounding lands. Events take place in a fantasy world inhabited by evil orcs, treacherous dragons, powerful sorcerers and other fabulous creatures. They attack the settlement and try to take possession of the stronghold.

The game Hustle Castle has an interesting backstory. Enemies attacked the royal castle and captured the beautiful fairy princess. At that time, the state did not have a strong army capable of giving a decisive rebuff to the monsters. Then the king made a fateful decision. He ordered the founding of a new settlement, on the basis of which a powerful and invincible army would be created. This will protect the kingdom, destroy all enemies and return the kidnapped princess.

Initially, the user will have a small fort, which can hardly be called a stronghold. He needs to complete, improve and strengthen the structure, turning it into a mighty fortress. Under the player will be a small detachment of loyal warriors, armed only with swords and bows. His task is to improve the equipment of people and give them different skills. Warriors will be able to use magic spells and other unique abilities in the fight against orcs.

To increase the size of the army, you should constantly develop the economy of the kingdom. This will provide the necessary funds to buy better weapons and allow you to hire additional soldiers. Victories in battles with orcs also bring the player money that needs to be invested in building and developing the skills of fighters. When the army gets stronger, it will be able to defend the territory and the castle, as well as attack the orcs and rescue the stolen princess from captivity.

The project has beautiful bright graphics, made in cartoon style. Fascinating gameplay will not leave indifferent connoisseurs of the genre. Simple controls will quickly master even beginners. Battles take place in semi-automatic mode. If necessary, the gamer can cooperate with other participants and join powerful clans to complete complex missions together. The strategy will appeal to children and adults.

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