Knife Hit

Knife Hit

  • Updated
  • Version1.8.19
  • RequirementsAndroid 5.0
  • GenreArcade
  • Google PlayOpen

Knife Hit is an exciting and dynamic arcade game where you have to be careful and precise while throwing knives. In the game, only a wooden log will be in front of the participant. The knife must be directed so that this log splits. The player is given a limited set of knives to throw at the target. With each level it will be more and more difficult: you will have to be much more accurate. In the end, you will have to throw absolutely all the knives received in the set right on target.

In the game Knife Hit, each hit on the target gives you several points and even bonuses. If you hit three additional targets, you can get a special reward. These are the apples that will appear on the log. Rewards can be spent to buy new knives. They are easier to throw and much easier to control their flight path.

Throwing knives should be done accurately and accurately. There is also an interesting feature: if you hit a knife that is already fixed in a log, the level will have to start over. The transition to each level is the addition of another knife to the set. We’ll have to try to fit everything on one wooden log with a large number of knives.

In the game, it is not always possible to hit exactly on target – there may be offensive ricochets. You will have to be persistent and do everything to eventually get into the log. In order to be more accurate during throws, you can practice in a special mode and become an experienced player. After that, the accuracy of the throws will increase noticeably, and the levels can be easily passed.

In the arcade, all players compete with each other in terms of rating. Depending on the accuracy, a certain rating is set, which determines the player’s place in the world table. You can compete not only with unknown players, but also with close friends. You can give yourself an advantage with the help of upgraded blades.

Features of the game Knife Hit

  • Addictive and dynamic gameplay.
  • Large selection of knives.
  • Conquer new weapons through challenging missions.
  • Exciting battle with the leaders.
  • Formation of a rating in the world table.

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