Mobile Legends: Adventure

Mobile Legends: Adventure

  • Updated
  • Version1.1.207
  • RequirementsAndroid 4.3
  • GenreRole playing
  • Google PlayOpen

Mobile Legends: Adventure is a popular strategy RPG based on Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. The latter received a positive response from the audience and became one of the best MOBAs. The choice of users is presented both new and already familiar to many characters: Dyrrot, Roger, Badang, Tamuz. Players will have to go through a difficult path with their favorite heroes, side with the forces of light and protect the kingdom from the enemy. To win, you will need unprecedented luck to assemble a team of the strongest characters.

In the game Mobile Legends: Adventure for android, characters are divided into different classes. There are 6 of them in total and belonging to a certain group determines the different roles in the match. So, the “tank” is distinguished by great physical strength and endurance. In battles, he takes the brunt of the blow, allowing allies to use their own strengths. The magician has high magical abilities, and the shooter, respectively, has an amazing shot accuracy and the ability to deliver a critical strike during a battle.

In the game Mobile Legends: Adventure for android, victory in battle will be achieved through extremely competent tactics and the correct use of the special abilities of each team member. Changes in the alignment can completely change the situation and turn the advantage in your own direction. The main assistant on the battlefield is a supportive player who is able to restore the forces of allies during the battle, especially the “tank”, which provides maximum protection. It also increases the strength of the team, providing a high chance of winning.

The power of the characters is constantly increasing. Special runes allow you to significantly improve performance and apply the characteristics of individual heroes in action. It is important to provide group members with up-to-date level and class affiliation with weapons and armor.

Mobile Legends: Adventure offers two game modes to choose from. The PvP arena is designed for battles with real users, where up to 5 characters are allowed. Strategy and personal approach are important here. Sometimes unremarkable heroes, thanks to skillful management, can defeat a group of strongest characters. The number of victories affects the overall rating and position in the list of users.

Endless Tower Climbing is designed for fierce battles against strong and experienced opponents. A new battle helps to gain experience and improve performance. There is a separate mode for battles when the user is offline. Characters fight a variety of monsters, while gold and valuable rewards are automatically added to the inventory upon entering the game.

The graphics are presented in 2D format and the quality of execution is impressive. The chibi style borrowed from Japanese anime was used to draw and create the characters. This makes them look extremely cute and funny. You can download the game Mobile Legends: Adventure for Android using the active link below.

Mobile Legends: Adventure
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