Monster Hunter Stories

Monster Hunter Stories

  • Updated
  • Version1.0.3
  • RequirementsAndroid 5.0
  • GenreRole playing
  • Google PlayOpen

Monster Hunter Stories is an unusually colorful and addicting action game with RPG elements that has won the sympathy of many gamers. The game will delight the participant with the dynamism of the gameplay, complex branches of the story, original visual design and convenient controls. Events take place in a mysterious fantasy world. Ordinary people and amazing monsters live there – harmless creatures with unique abilities.

The backstory for the game Monster Hunter Stories for Android tells how the three main characters found an unusual egg. It had a rather large size and a bright shell color. People decided to help an unknown creature hatch and see a big beautiful world. For this, they performed a special ceremony. When the adorable little monster was born, he was named Rathalos and taken to a safe place. There he will calmly grow and develop, surrounded by the concerns of local residents.

The village is inhabited by the Horsemen. They are different from other inhabitants of the fantasy kingdom. Other people hunt monsters and ruthlessly exterminate entire species for food and safety. And the Riders are friends with these mysterious creatures and take care of them. They perform a special magical ritual that allows them to intermarry with them. It was there that three friends brought a small monster, recently hatched from a beautiful egg.

Suddenly, a maddened monster attacked a peaceful settlement. He killed people and destroyed the village. A year later, the accidentally surviving headman gave the main character a magic Stone, which allows him to establish family ties with monsters. He set off on a long journey through the lands inhabited by the Hunters. There, incredible adventures, unprecedented dangers, unexpected finds and many unique characters await him.

In Monster Hunter Stories, the participant will have to explore vast locations, tame monsters and fight opponents. He will have to descend into mysterious and gloomy dungeons, where new eggs of incredible creatures can hide. To get them, you need to go through difficult tests, overcome all obstacles and destroy enemies. The battles in the game look very spectacular and take place in step-by-step mode. You can fight one on one or take part in a team battle.

To successfully complete Monster Hunter Stories, the user needs to constantly pump his character and acquire the best weapons for him. The fascinating process is addictive. Colorful graphics with good rendering of textures and characters creates the illusion of immersion in the game world. A well-chosen soundtrack enhances this feeling. The project will appeal to all lovers of high-quality large-scale RPGs and will help to have an interesting time. You can download the game Monster Hunter Stories for Android using the active link below.

Monster Hunter Stories
Download Monster Hunter Stories for android free
Download OBB Monster Hunter Stories v1.0.3
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How to install the Monster Hunter Stories cache
  1. Install APK
  2. Unpack cache folder to /Android/obb/
  3. It should look like this /Android/obb/cache_folder/file *obb
  4. Launch the application
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