Mr Bullet - Spy Puzzles

Mr Bullet – Spy Puzzles

  • Updated
  • Version5.23
  • RequirementsAndroid 4.4
  • GenrePuzzle
  • Google PlayOpen

Mr Bullet – Spy Puzzles is an interesting and original puzzle game with arcade and action elements. The player will become a member of exciting spy adventures. At each level, he will come across mysterious people in black. These are enemy agents that must be destroyed. To do this, you can use a regular gun or auxiliary items.

The game Mr Bullet – Spy Puzzles for android has a long and addictive gameplay. The project includes many secret tasks. To fulfill them, you will need attentiveness, logical thinking and the ability to calculate the trajectories of movement. The player will have to shoot at the opponents directly or so that the bullet ricochet hits the enemy. To do this, you need to move all kinds of objects (boxes, stones, platforms), blow up obstacles, build complex structures.

To successfully complete the level, the main character must destroy all enemy spies. At first, this will be easy. But gradually the situation becomes more complicated. It will no longer be possible to shoot an agent by direct hit. When there is no eye contact with a potential target, you have to think. For example, you can shoot at a wall so that the bullet bounces and hits the enemy. Spies can’t always be shot. Sometimes it is more expedient to set up a trap so that a heavy object falls on the enemy’s head. This will require engineering thinking and knowledge of the basics of dynamics. You will have to rebuild complex structures using a large number of different items.

The puzzle has simple controls that even beginners will quickly master. To shoot a spy, just touch the touch screen with your finger. A line will appear on the display indicating the flight path of the projectile or auxiliary object. When aiming, you need to release your finger. After that, a shot or a heavy stone will fall on the head of the enemy.

For the successful completion of the level, the player receives coins. You can use them to buy equipment or weapons for your character. To unlock new levels, you also need money. There, the user is waiting for more difficult situations, additional obstacles and other difficulties. The project will appeal to all lovers of good puzzles. You can download the game Mr Bullet – Spy Puzzles for Android using the active link below.

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