My Model - Women

My Model – Women

My Model – Women is a unique application that allows you to control weight changes. It will become an indispensable assistant for those who want to lose weight. The program is aimed at motivating users and has a powerful stimulating effect. A special editor will help the woman build a detailed 3D model with the current parameters. You should also create an ideal to strive for.

In the application My Model – Women for Android, the virtual figure of a woman looks very realistic. It needs to be personalized with certain parameters. By specifying the current height, weight, body type, chest size, waist and hips, you can make the model look like yourself. Next, you should work with facial features, choose the right hairstyle and hair color. The user will have a large selection of clothes and shoes.

Then the most interesting begins. The display will show two models. The figure of the first corresponds to the initial parameters entered before the start of weight loss. The second is an ideal built on the basis of the desired data. Making daily adjustments, a woman will be able to observe changes in her appearance. This will help her quickly achieve the planned result.

Features of the application My Model – Women

  • Creation of a realistic 3D model.
  • 12 original hairstyles, 6 shades of hair.
  • Large wardrobe including dozens of items.
  • The ability to change age, facial features, figure.
  • Lots of options for personalizing the prototype.

You can download the My Model – Women app for Android using the active link below.

My Model - Women
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