Sdorica: Gacha RPG

Sdorica: Gacha RPG

  • Updated
  • Version4.0.0
  • RequirementsAndroid 5.0
  • GenreRole playing
  • Google PlayOpen

Sdorica: Gacha RPG is a beautiful and interesting role-playing game that makes a strong impression. It tells the story of a vast fantasy world that is in grave danger. To prevent it, the participant will have to defeat terrible monsters and complete many exciting missions.

In the prehistory for the game Sdorica: Gacha RPG for android, it is said about the Great Dragon, who brought the peoples out of eternal darkness. He awakened them to life, but in return took away their freedom and the right to control their own destiny. People woke up and became slaves. The brave knight decided to change the artificial order of things and win for everyone the right to choose their own path. He found loyal comrades-in-arms, obtained powerful weapons and challenged the master.

Gamers are waiting for exciting adventures in the vast locations of the magical world. On his way will get up a variety of opponents with whom you will have to fight. To do this, you need to unlock and apply strong spells. Each victory brings the player valuable materials. From them you can make all kinds of items. You should also constantly upgrade characters and unlock additional abilities.

The captivating storyline of Sdorica: Gacha RPG is divided into several chapters, consisting of dozens of unique levels. At each stage of the game, the gamer needs to complete a certain mission in order to earn points. The player will have a variety of characters with unique skills. Among them there is a Killer dressed in a kimono, an experienced and dexterous Master, a charming Warrior and other characters.

To perform particularly difficult tasks, it makes sense to join a strong guild. You can also tame and breed cute monsters to use them in battles. You can download the game Sdorica: Gacha RPG for Android using the active link below.

Sdorica: Gacha RPG
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