• Updated
  • Version1.7.83
  • RequirementsAndroid 8.0
  • GenreRole playing
  • Google PlayOpen

Sparklite is a cool action adventure game with elements of a classic RPG, made in the best traditions of the genre. In the game, the participant will appreciate an interesting plot with many branches and unexpected turns. The developers paid a lot of attention to the technical component of the project. They managed to create a high-quality and interesting RPG with unique locations, characteristic characters, spectacular battles and challenging tasks.

The events in the game Sparklite for android take place in the mysterious magical land of Geodia. The whole life of its inhabitants is subject to a certain routine. To exist, they need a special substance that is mined in deep mines. It gives off magical energy, endows people with incredible strength and gives them unusual abilities.

Previously, the miraculous element was a common property. But the evil and ambitious Baron decided to use him for military purposes in order to conquer the whole world and become its ruler. He took over all the deposits and increased production, mercilessly exploiting workers and devastating the earth’s bowels.

The Baron’s actions upset the balance of nature. Due to a lack of energy, people began to weaken, and animals turned into bloodthirsty monsters. Only the main character is ready to fight for the well-being of her native land. The brave warrior of Hell embarks on a long journey to destroy the enemy and save the inhabitants.

In Sparklite, the magical world includes 5 unique locations that are randomly generated. It is impossible to guess what will happen in a couple of moments. The gamer will constantly face different problems and fight with new opponents and powerful bosses. During the battle, Ada uses firearms and magical artifacts, which give her additional strength, reaction speed and invulnerability.

To successfully complete Sparklite, you need to pump the heroine. On the journey, the girl is accompanied by a hovering robot that helps her to solve the most difficult tasks. It’s important to unlock all the mechanical companion skills. Therefore, you need to go through side missions and solve difficult puzzles. It is also necessary to help the inhabitants of Geodia, this gives additional benefits.

Features of the game Sparklite

The user himself chooses the appropriate mode. He can go through a single player campaign or cooperate with other participants. For example, there is an option when one gamer controls the heroine, and the other takes control of the robot. The project has simple but colorful graphics made in a peculiar technique. The participant observes what is happening from above, as if from afar. This format allows you to better navigate the large-scale map and choose the most effective strategy for passing. You can download the game Sparklite for Android using the active link below.

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