Strava: Track Running, Cycling & Swimming

Strava is a fun, dedicated app for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts. The program records the routes of walking and cycling, tracks the mileage traveled and average speed, records the workout time and the number of calories burned. As a result, the user receives detailed statistics and can share his achievements with friends.

During the installation of the Strava app on your Android, you need to allow the program to track your location via GPS. This will ensure that the route is saved in the smartphone’s memory. The user can at any time see it on a map of the area, publish it on the Internet or send it to friends.

The application easily syncs with various gadgets. During training, the utility records the following information:

  • distance traveled or traveled by the athlete;
  • the number of consumed kilocalories;
  • average speed of movement.

A person’s achievements will surely interest other members of the communities. Strava’s interface has features that allow you to post to specific sites or social media. Users can comment on other people’s results, watch the activity of friends and even participate in virtual competitions.

Strava allows you to set goals and then monitor their progress. The program will inform the person if the intensity of his training and the general level of sports training change. This will provide additional motivation to keep practicing.

Features of the Strava app

  • All functions of the program are available free of charge.
  • Fixing the route when walking or cycling.
  • Display of complete training statistics, comparison of results.
  • Tracking the activity of acquaintances in various sports communities.
  • Possibility to post routes and photos to Instagram or Facebook.
  • Route planning taking into account the information received through the GPS system.
  • Synchronization with heart rate monitors, smart watches and fitness bracelets.

You can download Strava apps for Android using the active link below.

Download Strava: Track Running, Cycling & Swimming for android free
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