The Gardens Between

The Gardens Between

  • Updated
  • Version1.08
  • RequirementsAndroid 7.0
  • GenrePuzzle
  • Google PlayOpen

The Gardens Between is a captivating adventure puzzle game with all the best features of the genre. The game has an interesting sequential plot, very peculiar gameplay, great graphics and smooth animation. The project will appeal to a variety of users and will help them immerse themselves in a strange reality with elements of classic surrealism.

The Gardens Between game for Android tells the story of the adventures of two friends. They accidentally fell into another world, consisting of their childhood memories. There are unusual laws that need to be sorted out. Events take place on different islands. Each of them symbolizes some important moment in the life of the main characters. They are scattered in a chaotic manner, but there is a hidden connection between them.

Participants will visit different islands. These are the levels to be completed. On each island, the guys will see a high pedestal or hill, built from a pile of objects. To pass the level, they need to climb to the very top. After that, the player will receive some kind of item, reminiscent of an important event from the past of the heroes. The adventure consists of several chapters. From the things collected within one section, you can make a whole memory.

The Gardens Between project has an unusual gameplay. The player cannot directly control the actions of the characters. They just walk around the islands and admire the scenery. To influence them, the user will have to manipulate time. He needs to move his finger on the display back and forth. This will help slow down or speed up the passage of time. This is how all the puzzles that will be encountered constantly are solved. As you progress, their difficulty increases.

The characters in The Gardens Between have unique abilities. A girl named Arina carries a magic lantern to help solve puzzles. To use a magic item, it must be filled with light. It is done in certain places. But there are creatures that can steal the light. The friend of the heroine is also endowed with unusual talents. It can activate light sources and black holes. This will help the guys manage time and solve the most difficult tasks.

The project has excellent graphics with a good study of levels and characters. The controls are simple, but beginners will need time to get used to it. It is important that user manipulations do not affect the entire location, but only a selected part of the space. Well chosen music. A calm and soothing melody does not distract and helps to fully immerse yourself in the gameplay. Traveling through the beautiful and mysterious islands is exciting and allows you to have a good time. You can download the game The Gardens Between for Android using the active link below.

The Gardens Between
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