Titan Quest: Legendary Edition

Titan Quest: Legendary Edition

  • Updated
  • Version2.10.9
  • RequirementsAndroid 5.0
  • GenreRole playing
  • Google PlayOpen

Titan Quest: Legendary Edition is a mobile version of the cult game Titan Quest 2006 with all technical improvements and additions, including Ragnarok, Immortal Throne, Atlantis. Almost no changes were made to the game plot, it is completely the same as in the original. The participant will have to confront the mythical titans, who, having escaped from captivity, began to sow confusion everywhere and create unrest. The player will have to travel the world to find a new way to fight the titans to re-enslave them. The hero will visit such places as the Parthenon, visit the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. With the help of the universal NPC communication tool, he will receive information about the world around him and about each new situation that has had a significant impact on his condition.

The available add-ons in the game Titan Quest: Legendary Edition for Android allow you to expand the scope of the scenario and take the participant to new, uncharted places. Thanks to Ragnarok, there is an opportunity to visit the lands of the Celts and Asgardian gods, as well as explore the unfamiliar territories of Northern Europe. Atlantis allows you to travel together with a traveler you meet and go in search of Atlantis. This will help the clues that can be found in the diary of Hercules. In Immortal Throne, the main goal is to conquer all of Hellas.

At the beginning of the game, you have to create your character. The choice can be made in different classes, in each of which, the heroes differ in appearance, statistics and skills. The main essence lies in the battles with formidable monsters taking place in various locations. All of them are located in different regions of the world, which, in addition, can be examined in search of trophies. It is possible to fight both alone and together with one of the pets. The entire gameplay is divided into main and additional quests, in which other characters are available.

The physical and magical abilities of the heroes are improved thanks to experience points, which are gained as they progress. There is a great feature to adjust the difficulty level according to the player’s abilities and the character’s abilities. This is perfect for fans of long and crushing challenges and lovers of easy gameplay. Along with the core gameplay, the Atlantis add-on features the Relentless Battle mode, which consists of an endless series of battles with entire hordes of enemies. You can download the game Titan Quest: Legendary Edition for Android using the active link below.

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