To the Moon

To the Moon

  • Updated
  • Version3.7
  • RequirementsAndroid 4.1
  • GenreRole playing
  • Google PlayOpen

To The Moon is a fantasy game story about Drs. Rosalynn and Watts in the quest genre. In interactive mode, the player will have to immerse themselves in the cares of doctors engaged in an important matter – the treatment of people who are near death, happy memories. Penetrating into the mind of a person, doctors reveal suppressed desires and carefully hidden secrets, and when they discover positive episodes that really happened in a person’s life, they activate them. At the same time, the patient gets the opportunity to feel happy, but the newly lived life will be the last memory before moving on to another world.

In the game To The Moon for Android, the user is faced with the task of doing everything possible so that a person can make a dream come true. Old man Johnny wants to go to the moon – this is his dream, and in order to fulfill it, he calls a team of doctors, waiting for help. During the dialogue, the player will have to realize why the character could not make his dream come true, from what moment such a passionate desire arose.

Each step back in the fate of the old man opens up more and more puzzles of the past, adding which, doctors seek to formulate a diagnosis. It turned out that the protagonist began to dream about the moon after his wife died. Doctors find out another strange moment: some episodes of memories cannot be restored, because they are artificially blocked. How, then, to find out what exactly had such a strong influence on the hero? This is what doctors should do.

The player will have to keep a diary about the events in the life of the ward, at the same time embodying his secret desires, which must be realized in order to make the patient happy. In an effort to give the gameplay a liveliness, the developers of To The Moon offer players interesting puzzles and horseback riding. The player can actively interact with objects that are the keys to the recesses of the subconscious.

Features of the game To the Moon

  • Addictive and original gameplay.
  • An exclusive gaming theme full of deep psychologism.
  • A kind of synthesis of game elements.
  • Recognizable soundtrack.
  • The rapid development of events, without unnecessary pauses and fillers.

You can download the game To the Moon for Android using the active link below.

To the Moon
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