Walking Dead: Road to Survival

Walking Dead: Road to Survival

  • Updated
  • Version37.0.0.103036
  • RequirementsAndroid 4.4
  • GenreRole playing
  • Google PlayOpen

Walking Dead: Road to Survival is an amazing role-playing game that combines elements of an exciting strategy and a fast-paced shooter. The basis for the plot was the comic book series “The Walking Dead”, which gained immense popularity. “Road of Life” became a continuation of previously released parts.

In the game Walking Dead: Road to Survival for android, events unfold in the vicinity of Atlanta, a large American city that has become the epicenter of the apocalypse. Almost all people on the planet died or turned into zombies – bloodthirsty creatures obsessed with the desire to kill. The user will lead a small group of those who managed to avoid a sad fate. They have adapted to the new reality and are trying to establish a normal life.

To do this, they need to get into an abandoned city and establish a base there. It should include all necessary infrastructure. First, the player needs to occupy suitable houses and place all the followers. It is important that there are warehouses for storing food, weapons and other valuable resources. But the main thing in this situation is to provide the settlers with food. Food and drinking water can be found in an abandoned area or in a city. But they won’t last long. Therefore, it is important to equip farms and start growing vegetables and raising livestock. Then it is necessary to equip various workshops, forges and other utility rooms. The surrounding areas should be landscaped to provide people with comfortable living.

Nightmarish creatures will constantly attack the base. If they break through, all the survivors will also turn into zombies. Therefore, it is necessary to build and constantly improve defensive structures, look for or buy more powerful weapons, and train people. They will not be able to sit behind high walls all the time. They will have to make dangerous sorties to replenish water, food and fuel supplies, find medicines, weapons and other useful items. Leaving the fortified base, the player finds himself in a hostile world full of insidious traps, unexpected obstacles and bloodthirsty dead. Fierce battles and strong, fearless enemies await him. To survive in the territory controlled by monsters, you will need stamina, agility, courage and good weapons.

The game uses an unusual combat system. When the creepy walking dead surround the hero, he needs to use all his characters in turn. Each of them has unique characteristics that will be needed in battle. Some heroes know how to shoot accurately, others are great with a machete or sword. They have different armor, health levels and the principle of attack. It is better to throw fast and agile warriors on the attack, large and strong ones – to leave on the defensive.

Periodically, the hero will find himself in difficult situations that require non-standard solutions. He will have to choose from several options. For example, sacrificing a good fighter to save a stranger. Sometimes you need to take a risk and explore an abandoned building or a gloomy basement, where you can find treasures or lose half of the squad in an unequal battle with lurking enemies. The user’s decision determines the further development of events. You can download the game Walking Dead: Road to Survival for Android using the active link below.

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