War and Order

War and Order

  • Updated
  • Version3.0.50
  • RequirementsAndroid 5.1
  • GenreStrategy
  • Google PlayOpen

War and Order is a bright and original MMO strategy game with an interesting storyline and exciting gameplay. In the game, events take place in a fantasy world and take the participant to the harsh and gloomy Middle Ages. There are always wars going on. Powerful states, united in huge and strong empires, are fighting for power and territory. The user will take part in bloody battles and take their rightful place in a beautiful fairy-tale world.

In the game War and Order, the empire must be defended. This is done by knights, warriors, dragons, orcs, giants, cannibals, monsters and other fabulous creatures. To enlist their support, the rulers have to make alliances with the underworld. This allows you to defend the territory, defeat opponents and get unusual magical abilities.

The strategy has its own rules. An empire cannot exist and develop without war. She must constantly defend herself against strong and numerous enemies or attack weaker neighbors. Otherwise, a split will occur, individual kingdoms will demand independence, riots and internal strife will begin. Therefore, in the game, the entire world order rests on wars.

Brave soldiers, subordinate to a talented and experienced commander, will be able to keep the people and territories under their control. They will conquer new lands and obtain the wealth necessary for development and prosperity. This is the path the player has to take. At first he will be a simple warrior, then he will become a commander and, finally, he will fight for the imperial crown.

But one user will not be able to do anything. He will have to form alliances with other players and fight together against enemy coalitions. Therefore, it is necessary to develop your own strategy and clearly follow the plan. But you have to be careful! A loyal ally can turn out to be a treacherous enemy who only pretended to be a friend.

Features of the game War and Order

  • Become a simple warrior and rise to the emperor.
  • Unite scattered kingdoms and create an empire.
  • Defend controlled territories from opponents.
  • Conquer new lands, expanding the state.
  • Explore locations, organize the extraction of resources.
  • Create different types of weapons, improve magical techniques.
  • Take part in the final battle for the right to become emperor.

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