Warspear Online

Warspear Online – Classic Pixel MMORPG (MMO, RPG)

  • Updated
  • Version10.0.1
  • RequirementsAndroid 4.4
  • GenreRole playing
  • Google PlayOpen

Warspear Online is a classic MMORPG with clever mechanics and simplified graphics that has won a huge following. The game takes the participant to Arinar – a fantastic world inhabited by different creatures. For more than 1000 years a bloody war has been going on there, the rate of which is the mysterious Spear. It rose in the center of the universe and was the focus of order and balance. The powerful artifact was guarded by elves and humans. But they were unable to protect him from barbarians and undead. The enemies managed to destroy the Spear and cause a severe cataclysm.

Now four hostile races are fighting for the right to forge him again and decide the fate of Arinar. In the game Warspear Online for android, gamers have to explore a huge world, go down into dark dungeons, raid powerful bosses, carry out dangerous missions, go through difficult tests and reveal ancient secrets. He must reverse the balance of power to change the course of history!

Warspear Online has a classic gameplay for this type of games. First you need to choose a character. The project includes 4 races and 18 playable classes. The user can customize the appearance of his character, set the primary skills and equip him. Each race has its own plot development. But then, in any case, the user will visit all locations of different continents. He has to complete many missions, the complexity of which will gradually increase. At the first stage, he must destroy simple animals, then – full-fledged opponents, and later – he will gather his team and challenge powerful bosses.

In the game Warspear Online, the pumping system is successfully implemented. The participant will be able to add more than 100 unique abilities and the same amount of relics to the basic skills. Improvements concern common characteristics, uniforms, weapons, magic. There is an opportunity to create new things from the found objects and materials. As a result, the character acquires agility, strength, reliable armor, devastating weapons and the ability to influence opponents with the help of magic spells.

Not all users like simplified graphics. But all the shortcomings are perfectly compensated by the original design of the huge gaming locations. The user will visit endless sandy deserts, high mountains, forests and plains. Over time, he gets used to perceive the world around him differently. It is enough to use imagination and imagination to imagine how fairy lands should look like.

Warspear Online is a high-quality and original MMORPG that will appeal to all fans of the genre. The project has addictive gameplay and simple controls. It is fully responsive and works great even on weak devices. You can download the game Warspear Online for android using the active link below.

Warspear Online
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