Dark Echo

Dark Echo

  • Updated
  • Version1.3.2
  • RequirementsAndroid 2.3
  • GenrePuzzle
  • Google PlayOpen

Dark Echo is a very original and exciting puzzle game that will impress fans of unusual projects. The game immerses the participant in a scary world full of dangers, from where you need to get out at any cost. He got lost in a dungeon where the atmosphere is frightening. There are no light sources and objects do not cast shadows. To navigate in space, you will have to use your hearing. Any sound is reflected from walls and objects, revealing the shape of the surrounding world. It needs to be visualized slowly moving forward.

In the game Dark Echo for android, moving around the locations, the character creates sound waves. They allow you to recognize passages and obstacles that need to be avoided. The hero sees reality in his own way, like an echo, represented as the intersection of different lines. White dashes indicate the correct path. If you follow them, you can get out of the trap. Red lines represent danger. In the dungeon, the participant will find a variety of insidious traps placed on his way. Creepy monsters are hiding in the darkness – invisible creatures hiding in anticipation of a victim.

Dark Echo includes many levels. At first, the gameplay will seem quite simple, but as you progress the process becomes more complicated. The developers perfectly managed to convey the eerie atmosphere of dark dungeons. Moving, the hero hears scary sounds. Drops are flowing down from the walls, behind the back you can distinguish creeping steps, dull rumbling, puffing. This indicates the presence of bloodthirsty monsters in the tunnels. You won’t be able to cope with them, you just need to go forward.

Each level in Dark Echo is unique in its own way and fraught with different dangers. The map does not exist, you have to move around at random. At any turn, the participant can expect an exit, a trap or a nightmare monster that brings death. Gradually, the player will become afraid of the surrounding darkness. But the addictive gameplay will keep you from leaving the game. The user will visit different locations. Ahead of him are huge and terrible labyrinths filled with incredible monsters.

Initially, the hero does not have any weapons, he can only move away from slow monsters. But then he will have stones that allow him to distract the monsters and move on. In order not to perish in the first minutes, to avoid all traps, not to fall into the clutches of invisible monsters and to get out of the dungeon, you will need attentiveness, dexterity, logical thinking and the ability to navigate the hopeless darkness. The puzzle will appeal to children and adults. You can download the game Dark Echo for Android using the active link below.

Dark Echo
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