Darkness Rises

Darkness Rises

  • Updated
  • Version1.57.1
  • RequirementsAndroid 4.4
  • GenreRole playing
  • Google PlayOpen

Darkness Rises is an interesting and beautiful RPG action game that will be appreciated by all fans of cool action movies. The game will provide participants with an exciting and detailed plot, magnificent three-dimensional graphics with impressive special effects, dynamic and addictive gameplay, spectacular battles with nightmarish monsters, epic battles with powerful bosses and mysterious artifacts from ancient times.

In the game Darkness Rises for Android, events take place in a majestic and gloomy fantasy world. The once free lands are enveloped in evil darkness, the army of demons has seized vast territories and threatens to enslave the entire country. To stop the invasion, a group of brave heroes goes to the underworld. There, in the deepest abyss of hell, the last battle awaits them. Victory will ward off the threat, defeat will condemn the world to eternal slavery.

First you need to create your character belonging to any of the 6 classes. In Darkness Rises, you can play as a brave warrior, a powerful sorceress, a fearless berserker, a dexterous assassin, a well-aimed archer, or a cunning witch. Each hero has unique skills and uses a specific combat system. The project includes a functional editor that allows you to customize the appearance of the character.

Darkness Rises has classic gameplay that includes many battles. During the battle, the participant fully controls all the movements of his hero, helps him to move, strike, dodge oncoming attacks and use unusual abilities. For a successful passage, you need to constantly pump the character, developing existing skills and adding new skills.

In addition to battles, the player will have to explore vast, beautifully designed locations. In hidden places, treasures and unique ancient relics that will give him advantages in battle can await him. But there is a risk of falling into a deadly trap, from which it will not be easy to get out. You can also perform side missions: go a certain distance, destroy all monsters, save someone from the clutches of demons.

As you progress through Darkness Rises, the gamer will meet different enemies. Among them will be evil orcs, dexterous skeletons, creepy undead and other nightmarish creatures of darkness. During the battle, you must first hit the most dangerous enemy, and then move on to secondary goals. From time to time you will have to fight bosses with incredible strength and durable armor. To win, you need to develop unique battle tactics. You can download the game Darkness Rises for Android using the active link below.

Darkness Rises
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