Dead Cells

Dead Cells

  • Updated
  • Version3.2.4
  • RequirementsAndroid 7.0
  • GenreAction
  • Google PlayOpen

Dead Cells is an exciting action game with elements of Roguelike and action-adventure. In the game the user will take part in dangerous events. Controlling a dexterous and brave creature, he must find a way out of the labyrinth, destroy all monsters, collect treasures and valuable items. The project plunges you into a beautiful and gloomy fantasy world where you need to explore a huge castle, descend into mysterious dungeons, climb high towers, dive into deep channels.

In the game Dead Cells for Android, the levels are randomly generated. Each time the player will see a new arrangement of rooms and corridors. Some halls have several exits at once, and further events depend on the choice. Treasure chests, interesting artifacts, weapons and other necessary items are scattered all over the locations. They must be collected to gain new skills and benefits. At each level, the hero is waiting for dangerous and evil creatures. They will have to fight. It should be remembered that the death of the protagonist is irreversible. In case of death, he will no longer be reborn, the game will have to be restarted. Only a few achievements are saved: unlocked sections of the map, acquired skills.

In the process of passing Dead Cells, the participant will have to fight a lot. For this, weapons for melee and ranged combat are suitable. You will also need good armor and traps. At first, the character will only have a sword, bow and shield, but then he will be able to find more effective weapons or buy them from free merchants. Having defeated the next opponent, the hero must move on. He needs to explore the dungeons to find all the necessary items. They unlock additional skills, without which the character will not be able to defeat the following enemies. Over time, he will learn to climb walls or instantly be transported to another place through a special teleport.

Dangerous creatures are waiting for the hero at all levels of the game. There are many kinds of monsters in Dead Cells, and each one has unique features. They differ in appearance, speed of movement, dexterity, ferocity, and in battles they use different techniques. All battles have a high level of complexity. Both strong bosses and weak enemies can kill the hero. To cope with them, you need to develop competent tactics of defense and attack, develop the skills of the hero. All encounters with monsters are highly dynamic. To win, the user will need courage, dexterity, excellent reaction and the ability to quickly make critical decisions. To beat off all the attacks of monsters, you have to train for a long time.

Action Dead Cells has a simple, but quite attractive two-dimensional graphics. The pixelated style is smoothed out with beautiful visuals. The animation is smooth, all movements are clearly visible even on small displays. Management is simple, even a beginner can easily figure it out. Bright, interesting and original action will appeal to children and adults. You can download the game Dead Cells for Android using the active link below.

Dead Cells
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