Shadow Fight 2

Shadow Fight 2

  • Updated
  • Version2.19.0
  • RequirementsAndroid 4.4
  • GenreAction
  • Google PlayOpen

Shadow Fight 2 is an amazing sequel to the popular fighting game. The second part has an independent plot. It captures the user from the very first minutes and plunges into a mysterious ghostly world that lives by its own laws. Here everything is decided by the force of arms, dexterity, the ability to calculate the actions of rivals and, of course, luck. The background music was chosen as well as possible. Compositions in the style of metal, where Asian motives are clearly heard, create a suitable mood, perfectly conveying a dark and mysterious atmosphere.

In the game Shadow Fight 2 for android, the user will have to fight with many enemies who have become even stronger and got new skills. Especially dangerous are bosses – large and strong monsters obsessed with the desire to kill. To win, you need to arm the hero, equip him with the best armor and learn the most complex methods of contact combat. Then he will be able to get to the legendary Gate leading to the otherworldly world of evil shadows, and lock them forever.

Shadow Fight 2 has an interesting plot. At the very beginning of the game, the main character tells his story. He was engaged in oriental martial arts and achieved the highest skill. When all opponents were defeated, he had to hit the road to find a worthy opponent. He wandered for a long time until he found the ancient Gates, locked in time immemorial. The hero accidentally opened them and paid dearly for his curiosity. Terrible demons burst into the world. They destroyed his physical body and cursed his soul. He turned into a shadow and was condemned to an eternal struggle. Now the hero must fight countless enemies until he brings all the demons back to their world. After that, the Gates will close, and he will find peace.

Shadow Fight 2 is an interesting fighting game with RPG elements. The whole game consists of battles that gradually become more difficult. Becoming a shadow, the hero looks like a black silhouette. At first he has no weapon. To fight demons, he needs to be trained. The action consists of 7 acts, in each of which the fighter will meet many enemies and a powerful boss. Gradually, the main character acquires new skills, reflexes improve. But demons also become stronger, cunning, successful opponents. Experience and courage are not enough to deal with them. First you need to strengthen the armor, otherwise the enemies will take away all their health in a few short fights.

Shadow Fight 2 features responsive and intuitive controls. The user gets used to it almost immediately and begins to apply complex techniques. Flips, kicks and grabs are performed using the keys and the display joystick. All movements are physically correct and realistic, the animation is smooth. The slow pace seems a bit unusual, but this is how Asian fights should be. In Shadow Fight 2, before serious battles, the slow motion mode is turned on, allowing you to see what is happening in the smallest detail. The weapon available to the hero determines the fighting techniques, attack style and overall dynamics. The user will be able to take part in different types of battles: survival, duel, tournament, test, ascent and fight with the demon.

Features of the game Shadow Fight 2

  • Exciting sequel to the acclaimed hit Shadow Fight.
  • Events take place in six completely different worlds.
  • High-quality graphics with excellent detail, bright colors.
  • The use of real fighting techniques, a large selection of weapons.
  • Smooth animation, physically correct transmission of combat scenes.
  • Atmospheric sounds, well-chosen musical accompaniment.
  • Simple and convenient control, adapted for mobile devices.

The project will appeal to a wide variety of users. You can download the game Shadow Fight 2 for android using the active link below.

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