• Updated
  • Version20.30.0
  • RequirementsAndroid 8.0
  • GenreAction
  • Google PlayOpen

Fortnite for mobile devices android is an adapted version of the well-known computer game, the genre of which is an open world battle royale. The game, like the rest of its versions, works with a link to an Epic Store account. It is enough to download the apk file and install it, and all the user’s achievements will be transferred to the gadget. Access to download and install the application is provided free of charge.

The gameplay of the mobile version of the Fortnite game completely repeats its computer version. Slight differences are present in the control – it is adapted to the gadget screen, and somewhat simplified graphics. At first, the control from the screen of a mobile device may not seem very convenient to the user, especially for construction, however, you get used to it very quickly. Therefore, after a couple of days, you will not even remember that there were some inconveniences with the control earlier.

The plot of the game Fortnite for Android is built on the struggle for survival. In each battle, the user’s hero can confront about 100 opponents. The Fortnite app offers gamers 3 game modes:

  • Single;
  • Paired;
  • Command.

The name of each mode determines the number of allies that the user has in the battle he has launched. In single-player mode, each gamer fights for himself, in doubles – one more player fights with him on one side, in team mode – there is a fight between small squads of four people.

The battle begins with the landing of the participants on the map. The flying bus moves along a random trajectory, and the player is free to choose when to jump down. As soon as your fighter has landed, he has complete freedom of action. You can start exploring the area – many useful items and even weapons are hidden in its most secluded places. The map shrinks all the time, forcing the participants in the battle to gradually approach each other. Another strategy available to the player is to enter the battle.

Features of the game Fortnite

The main feature of Fortnite is the ability to build. At first, the player only has a pickaxe. It may well be used as a weapon, however, its main purpose is destruction. You can destroy everything with a pickaxe – buildings, objects, trees, etc. Of the destroyed objects, the hero assigns building materials that are perfect for construction.

Constructed buildings are great for defending or distracting opponents, besides, the erected objects can be edited. Some building materials are quite suitable for improving weapons or for creating new weapons. Additionally, the Fortnight game allows you to independently customize the appearance of the selected character – it has a huge number of clothing items and accessories, and if the gamer decides to go through additional quests, even more of them will open.

The developers of the mobile version of Fortnight for Android have done everything possible to play it as convenient and interesting as in the computer version of this game. The application is regularly updated, the detected deficiencies are corrected. The version available for download is completely Russified, which means that the user will not have any difficulties with its use. You can download the game Fortnite for Android using the active link below.

Download Fortnite for android free
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