MAD ZOMBIES: Offline Games

  • Updated
  • Version5.27.0
  • RequirementsAndroid 4.1
  • GenreAction
  • Google PlayOpen

MAD ZOMBIES is a realistic and dynamic first-person shooter that will impress fans of such projects. The game takes the participant into a strange world full of dangers, where the apocalypse took place. An unsuccessful experiment of scientists turned a significant part of the world’s population into bloodthirsty zombies. Gamers will have to confront evil monsters who are obsessed with one desire – to kill.

The main character’s task in the game MAD ZOMBIES for android is to survive by destroying as many mutants as possible. To do this, he has at his disposal a variety of weapons and all kinds of improvised means. Initially, he can use pistols, shotguns, machine guns, sniper and assault rifles, machine guns. For each successfully completed mission, the player receives a generous reward. In the store, you can pump weapons: increase the rate of fire, the number of cartridges, damage done and other characteristics.

The game MAD ZOMBIES consists of many levels that gradually become more difficult. At each stage, the user needs to complete a specific mission: kill a certain number of zombies, clear the territory or enter a specified place. There are secret areas on the map, where objects, objects or records important to people remain. It is there that the most dangerous mutants are usually concentrated. It is impossible to agree with them, they will have to be killed.

In the process of passing MAD ZOMBIES, the user will meet different types of monsters. The easiest way is to deal with stupid, slow and clumsy individuals that wander aimlessly around the map. But there are fast, cunning and smart enough zombies, as well as powerful bosses. To cope with them, you will have to think over some kind of tactics. For example, you can set up an ambush where they often appear. The main thing is not to let them get to the hero.

The character stays in place almost all the time, only occasionally changing his deployment. For control, swipes are used, which allow you to turn, inspect the territory, and take enemies on the sight. Special buttons are responsible for shooting, reloading, changing weapons, throwing grenades, using a first-aid kit and other actions. Great graphics, realistic physics and good soundtrack allow you to fully immerse yourself in an exciting process. You can download the game MAD ZOMBIES for android using the active link below.

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