MO: Astray

MO: Astray

  • Updated
  • Version1.3.6
  • RequirementsAndroid 6.0
  • GenreAction
  • Google PlayOpen

MO: Astray is a charming platform game with an intriguing atmosphere, in which the player will have exciting quests in the gloomy dungeons of an abandoned station filled with parasitic alien plants. The main character is the mysterious creature MO, who one day, waking up in the laboratory, sees people beside him zombified by the spores of a monstrous alien plant. The need to find out what led to this situation makes the hero immediately hit the road.

Many unimaginable creatures will meet the player on this journey. Sometimes you have to fight them, sometimes it’s worth avoiding the collision by any means. Exploring the abandoned locations of the once busy mysterious laboratory, the hero will certainly come across people. Such meetings are fraught with serious danger: people, captured by alien disputes and lost their minds, have become zombies, hovering between life and death.

But the main character, despite his touching appearance, is not at all defenseless. Its weapon is the ruthless environment of the dungeons – using all the means of movement available to the creature, you can fill up opponents with stones or activate ancient defense systems. The main character also has a superpower: the hero, having climbed onto the head of a zombie, is able to temporarily take control of his body and gain access to memory.

Charming pixel graphics make the action incredibly atmospheric. The player will need patience, observation, the ability to think several steps ahead of their own trajectory. Gradually finding the necessary props and avoiding deadly traps, the user will be able to recreate the true picture of what happened. Responding to the call of a mysterious voice, coping with innumerable difficulties, save those who are still alive!

Features of the game MO: Astray

  • Original and expanded storyline.
  • A huge number of detailed locations.
  • Lots of different obstacles and puzzles.
  • Nice pixel graphics, high-quality and smooth animated movements, amazing video and sound effects.

You can download the game MO: Astray for Android using the active link below.

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