• Updated
  • Version1.13.13
  • RequirementsAndroid 7.0
  • GenreRole playing
  • Google PlayOpen

Moonlighter is a fun action-adventure game with RPG and roguelike elements and a top-down view. The game takes place in a fictional world in a small trading village. The prehistory tells how archaeologists discovered the ruins of ancient buildings nearby. In the process of excavation, they found a gate that allows access to other dimensions. This is where the storyline ends, further gameplay goes without a sequential scenario.

In the game Moonlighter for android, the participant will have to control one of the villagers. He turned the find of archaeologists into a profitable business that allows you to earn good money. The brave and desperate adventurer began to penetrate into other worlds, get various curiosities there, create amazing artifacts from them and sell them in his shop. The gameplay is based on exciting and dangerous adventures, overcoming unknown dangers and battles with enemies. Trading takes a little time, but it allows you to make money.

In parallel dimensions, untold treasures are hidden. The participant in Moonlighter will have to explore vast and mysterious locations inhabited by strange and scary creatures. Fighting with them, you can earn extra money and get valuable items. Returning home, the hero changes their properties with spells and puts them up for sale. He has the ability to tame familiars – magical creatures that serve him and help him fight monsters. The project will appeal to all connoisseurs of interesting fantasy projects.

Features of the game Moonlighter

  • Spectacular battles against monsters from parallel worlds.
  • Large selection of resources, items and artifacts.
  • Management of your own retail store.
  • Creation of new items.
  • Familiar help.

You can download the game Moonlighter for Android using the active link below.

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