Murder Hornet

Murder Hornet

  • Updated
  • Version1.1.26
  • RequirementsAndroid 6.0
  • GenreAction
  • Google PlayOpen

Murder Hornet is an unusual arcade simulator from Lion Studios that takes the gamer into the world of cruel and intelligent insects. They want to dominate the planet, having previously destroyed all people. The player will take control of the squads of the most dangerous individuals and begin to terrorize the surroundings. He will have hornets, wasps, bumblebees and other fighters with poisonous stings at his disposal. They all dream of taking revenge on two-legged mammals for centuries of terror and the extermination of their relatives with the help of adhesive tapes, fly swatters and fumigators.

In the Murder Hornet game for android, events unfold in different locations of the game world. The gamer will visit the city, on the beach, in parks and gardens. His wards can easily get into locked cars and houses. Everywhere there are people who should be bitten mercilessly. Initially, the raids will have to be carried out alone, but over time, the player will have an army of thousands of dangerous insects at his disposal. He will free vast territories and equip new hives everywhere.

In the process of passing Murder Hornet, the gamer will complete exciting missions, receiving generous rewards. If you managed to bite the enemy exactly in the head, the payouts increase. Money should be spent on arranging the main hive, as well as on pumping your wards. It is especially important to improve such qualities as aggressiveness, flight speed and damage dealt. Gradually, the participant will be able to unlock additional types of insects, among which there are even mutants with several stings.

Features of the game Murder Hornet

  • Fascinating hunting of combat insects for bipedal opponents.
  • Traps and spray chemicals to watch out for.
  • Receive rewards and achievements for completing missions.
  • Improvement of the hive, pumping parameters of insects.
  • Lots of different goals on each level.

You can download the game Murder Hornet for Android using the active link below.

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