NERF Epic Pranks

NERF Epic Pranks! Fun Bullets

  • Updated
  • Version1.9.7
  • RequirementsAndroid 5.1
  • GenreAction
  • Google PlayOpen

NERF Epic Pranks is a funny and unusual action game with casual arcade elements that has won the sympathy of many users. In the game, the participant will have to transform into a cheerful little bully who annoys peaceful people and infuriates them. To do this, he shoots at serious respectable citizens from children’s weapons. Toy projectiles cannot cause any harm to the “victims”, but they annoy and anger them.

The mechanics of the game NERF Epic Pranks for Android is extremely simple and does not require long development. Once at the next location, you need to identify a suitable target and fire a shot. The vacationer will immediately jump up and begin to look around in search of a mischievous person. To bring a citizen to a real frenzy, you should hit him a certain number of times. The number of shots is displayed in a circle above the “victim’s” head. It depends on the character and temperament of the person and may differ.

Do not continuously shoot at the same target. A person will quickly discover a prankster, which will lead to an undesirable ending. It is much more interesting to constantly change targets and run to new shelters. After all, all the characters react differently to the impact of an artificial projectile! It is very interesting to watch them. Some people get annoyed, threaten the villain with their fists and stomp their feet. Others try to maintain apparent calm. Still others may even cry out of resentment and try to leave.

To successfully complete the NERF Epic Pranks, you will need attentiveness, dexterity, accuracy, quickness and accurate calculation. Each tricky mission takes a certain amount of time, and it is important to meet the limit. If the protagonist does not have time to hide or change his location, he will be detected. Therefore, you can not stay in one position for a long time, you need to move around the location and hide in safe shelters.

The action consists of many levels, but there is no hard division. The participant can judge the completion of the next stage by the change of location and the appearance of new characters. According to the results of the mission, the gamer receives coins. They should be spent on buying additional weapons and unlocking new locations. The project features colorful graphic design, pleasant soundtrack and convenient controls. You can download the NERF Epic Pranks game for Android using the active link below.

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