Project: Arrival

Project: Arrival

  • Updated
  • Version0.171.1345256
  • RequirementsAndroid 5.0
  • GenreAction

Project: Arrival is an impressive third-person shooter developed by the MMC Society. The game takes the participant to a huge world where a global war has recently taken place. Exciting adventures, unknown dangers and terrifying opponents await him. The plot covers a long period of time and has a detailed background. Many centuries ago, scientists managed to create REFA – an inexhaustible source of energy that allowed civilization to be brought to a completely new level. But then a disaster struck. The planet was attacked by cruel and evil creatures from deep space. The war began.

The bloody battle lasted for many years and claimed millions of lives. As a result, humans won by destroying the alien invaders. In the game Project: Arrival for android, events unfold immediately after the war. The participant will have to survive in a strange and scary world, where inexplicable anomalies occur on the ruins of a destroyed civilization. There are dangerous creatures wandering around, affected by the action of ultra-modern weapons. They hate ordinary people and are trying to plunge the planet into chaos. He will also meet marauders and hostile squads who are fighting for resources.

The developers of Project: Arrival have created a large open world. The player will have to explore dozens of spectacularly designed locations. There you can find useful resources, weapons and equipment that will help in the passage. The gamer can build a shelter to hide from enemies. Each detail of the base must be selected, creating your own unique project. Users will appreciate the impressive 3D graphics with sophisticated effects, realistic physics and comfortable controls. To complete especially difficult missions, you can cooperate with other players.

Features of the game Project: Arrival

  • Huge open world, dozens of different locations.
  • A captivating plot with a detailed background story.
  • Exploration, battles, construction of a shelter.
  • Beautiful 3D graphics with detailed details.
  • Multiplayer for cooperative mode.

You can download the game Project: Arrival for android using the active link below.

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