Project EOE

Project EOE

  • Updated
  • Version0.0.1
  • RequirementsAndroid 4.1
  • GenreAction

Project EOE is a dynamic adventure action game with survival elements that takes the participant into the distant future. The background to the game says that people lived peacefully and freely for a long time. But then an unexpected and strange disaster struck. For unknown reasons, a portal opened, allowing creepy monsters to enter this world. Creatures of incredible shapes and sizes quickly flooded the vacant lands. The war went on for forty years, but it was not possible to defeat the monsters.

Now humanity is pinning its hopes on transcendents – people with extraordinary abilities. A participant in the Project EOE game for android will have to control one of them from a third person. His task is to consistently clear the game universe from monsters and remove all stardust from locations. But first you need to worry about the survival of your hero. He will have to adapt to the harsh and dangerous conditions of the wild world. To do this, you need to find food, clothing, weapons and equipment.

Project EOE features atmospheric graphics with great detail. The user will find exciting adventures in mysterious locations, spectacular battles and challenging missions. To exterminate dangerous creatures, you should establish interaction with other characters. If everything goes well, the gamer will be able to destroy the dangerous creatures and close the portal. After that, it will be necessary to restore the destroyed settlements and engage in the further development of civilization.

Features of the game Project EOE

  • Huge game world.
  • Hundreds of active items.
  • Influence on the development of the universe.
  • Dynamic battles with monsters.
  • Beautiful graphics, atmospheric locations.

You can download the game Project EOE for android using the active link below.

Project EOE
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