Real Steel Boxing Champions

Real Steel Boxing Champions

  • Updated
  • Version51.51.124
  • RequirementsAndroid 4.4
  • GenreAction
  • Google PlayOpen

Real Steel Boxing Champions is the continuation of the exciting Real Steel fighting game. The plot is based on the fantastic action movie Real Steel, which has won many fans. The game takes the participants to the distant future, where boxing matches are prohibited for ethical reasons. But people need spectacle. Therefore, the government allowed to arrange fights between huge and powerful robots. They do not experience fear and pain, withstand the strongest blows and can use the latest weapons.

The game Real Steel Boxing Champions for android consists of two parts. First, the participant needs to create their own mechanical fighter. To do this, he will need to apply fantasy, engineering thinking and accurate calculation. The process is similar to assembling a constructor. As a basis, you can take any of the 32 robots. It needs to be equipped with all sorts of additional parts and fixtures. The player will have more than 1500 elements with certain functions.

There are no universal fighters in the project. The user needs to select a suitable battle system in advance and equip his robot accordingly. You can create an agile and agile character who can run fast, jump high and surprise opponents. But someone is more suitable for a strong and powerful killing machine that can withstand even a direct hit from an armor-piercing projectile. As you progress through the player will earn money and will be able to improve the fighter by adding additional elements and mechanisms.

After that, the user will have to go through a training battle. There will be no real rivals and difficult situations. A training battle is needed to understand the controls and tactics of battles. The voice-over will comment on each action, explain the features of the game mechanics. The participant will practice defense and attack techniques, learn how to combine techniques and defeat opponents. After training, it will be possible to go to a real battle.

The participant can choose one of four modes: Tournament, Competition, Time Attack, Free Sparring. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Robot battles take place in one of 10 arenas. The player will have to fight with other users who control their combat vehicles. The main goal is to inflict maximum damage on the enemy and win. The project has its own table of champions, where you need to take a worthy place.

Features of the game Real Steel Boxing Champions

  • Addictive and dynamic gameplay.
  • Based on the plot of the popular movie.
  • Huge opportunities for creating and upgrading characters.
  • 32 unique robots that can be equipped with additional elements.
  • Beautiful graphics with good detail, smooth animation, modern special effects.

You can download the game Real Steel Boxing Champions for Android using the active link below.

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