Time Princess

Time Princess

  • Updated
  • Version1.3.2
  • RequirementsAndroid 5.0
  • GenreRole playing
  • Google PlayOpen

Time Princess is a fun and picturesque simulator developed by the Chinese company IGG.COM. This visual novel will definitely help you immerse yourself in the world of haute couture from different eras. In the game, the participant will have the opportunity to invent and create unique exquisite outfits, participate in the life of the palace and unravel terrible secrets. You will be able to write your own fascinating unique story. The further development of events directly depends on your decisions and choices. Be careful!

In the game Time Princess for Android, a whole world of exciting stories will open before you. Decide what you like more: the peace of royal France, oriental motives, or does the quiet measured life on the ranch attract? Try on a variety of amazing outfits, share the results with your friends!

The main character is Marie Antoinette. You are going to go together on an exciting journey full of magic. Become a creator of fate and your own happiness, try to change history. You will get a lot of unique opportunities, one of which, for example, rubbing a real magic lamp! Find out what will come of it in the end? As the game progresses, build relationships, make friends, and together solve riddles along the way.

The Time Princess game contains several stories, each of which belongs to a specific time and has a specific style: antiquity, modern world, oriental and others. Any available story consists of several chapters. At the beginning of each, you will have to work hard on the appearance of the heroine to create a real fashionista and beauty! Using a special editor, customize the appearance of the heroine by adding your own unique charm to Marie Antoinette: change facial features, eye color and shape, hairstyle, skin color. Dress up the heroine by putting together an extraordinary look for her, including accessories of amazing beauty.

Also, there will always be cute companion cats nearby who will help you pass the Time Princess. The cat and the kitty are available from the beginning of the game, the third pet can be obtained after completing two stages of the story. It is worth emphasizing that if you have a couple of cats, then they can be sent on a date. As a result, you will have unique pets that will be able to collect the best items and give a bigger bonus when passing.

Remember: the fate of the Time Princess heroes depends on your actions and decisions. Any little thing can affect the ending of the story, making it sad or happy.

Features of the game Time Princess

  • a large selection of extraordinary, eye-catching beautiful outfits and accessories;
  • the opportunity to have assistant pets with which it will be easier and more interesting to go through the chapters of the books, as well as the chance to get a rare cat that brings more benefits;
  • decisions made affect the course of events, feel like a creator of destinies;
  • simple control, clear and user-friendly interface;
  • high-quality 3D graphics and detailed costumes of the characters.

You can download the game Time Princess for Android using the active link below.

Time Princess
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