TMNT Portal Power

TMNT Portal Power

  • Updated
  • Version222
  • RequirementsAndroid 4.1
  • GenreAction
  • Google PlayOpen

TMNT Portal Power is an exciting action-adventure game where the participant will again meet the brave teenage mutant ninja turtles. In the game of human civilization, total destruction is once again threatened, and only the militant four can save the world. The threat is connected by portals leading to parallel dimensions. As a result of an unknown cataclysm, they opened, and now nightmarish monsters climb through them. A certain villain is to blame for what happened, who decided to destroy humanity with the help of a secret force. The main characters will have to visit all the worlds, lock the portals, clear the locations of evil spirits and defeat the main enemy. A gamer will help them, who will have to alternately control all four turtles.

The game TMNT Portal Power for android is a continuation of the story of the adventures of the brave four. The main difference of the project is the ability to move freely between dimensions. In each world, the heroes will meet many characters with whom they will have to interact. They all differ visually and have different parameters of strength, agility, speed. Some of them have unique abilities and can cause significant damage.

In the game TMNT Portal Power, the user will visit 5 worlds. They differ in design, which makes an interesting impression. For example, in one of the dimensions, the characters are surrounded by the heroes of classic cartoons and comics. Among them, the user will see many familiar faces: Krang, Shredder, and many members of the Foot clan.

Features of the game TMNT Portal Power

  • participation in spectacular boss battles in different dimensions;
  • collection of useful items for pumping characters and weapons;
  • the ability to change and improve the appearance of the main characters;
  • the use of team attacks with the change of turtles;
  • the ability to switch to another turtle at any time;
  • boss battles take place in several stages;
  • beautiful graphics, well-chosen sound;
  • simple interface, convenient control;
  • full Russification of the application.

The exciting game TMNT Portal Power will appeal to a wide variety of users. The action has beautiful graphics, well-chosen soundtrack and simple controls. The project develops reaction, attentiveness and the ability to navigate in different situations. You can download the game TMNT Portal Power for Android using the active link below.

TMNT Portal Power
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