Arena Breakout

Arena Breakout

  • Updated
  • Version1.0.54.54
  • RequirementsAndroid 4.4
  • GenreAction

Arena Breakout is a fun and challenging first-person shooter that includes RPG elements. In the game, the participant will experience spectacular shootouts in a huge open location, many unusual situations and ample opportunities for character leveling. It is important that the death of the hero leads to the loss of achievements, so everything will have to start over. Impressive 3D graphics with detailed details, well-developed physics and realistic sound ensure a complete immersion in the game.

In the game Arena Breakout for Android, you first need to choose a suitable character. There are powerful attack aircraft, well-aimed snipers, experienced medics and other classes. Before the start of the shootout, the gamer can upgrade his fighter. Each hero has more than a dozen characteristics that affect his combat effectiveness. You need to constantly monitor the level of hunger, thirst, fatigue, pain, injuries, bleeding. Otherwise, the person will quickly lose strength and health, which will affect the outcome of the battle.

In Arena Breakout, battles take place on large maps with detailed relief work. At each location, the participant will meet many elements that can be used as temporary shelters. As he progresses, additional samples of equipment and equipment, as well as various improvements will be unlocked for him. All kinds of modules will allow you to customize your fighter and weapons. The project will appeal to all lovers of quality shooters.

Features of the game Arena Breakout

  • Fascinating and dynamic gameplay.
  • Spectacular shootouts on different maps.
  • The ability to upgrade your character.
  • Classic controls.
  • High quality 3D graphics.

You can download the game Arena Breakout for android using the active link below.

Arena Breakout
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